Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Blogging 2.0

Hi everyone! :) So I wanted to write this post just to say that I'm FINALLY going to have my second go at blogging! I started this blog over 3 years ago because I wanted to use it as an expansion of my Youtube channel, but at 16, I was just so busy at the time with school and everything that I never ended up actually posting anything...oops! The reason I really want to try to give blogging a go again is mainly so that I can use this blog as somewhat of a creative outlet while I'm at Uni. For me personally, filming videos whilst I'm at Uni isn't really an option - I hardly have any spare time to myself, and having to store all of my lighting and camera things in my room would just not work out! SO - the plan is, hopefully this summer I'll be able to continue posting more videos, because to be honest, I'm amazed I still have viewers after being such a terrible YouTuber for the past few years! But then once I go back to Uni, I'll be able to do blog posts on here, which is much more of a realistic alternative!

A love of mine has always been reading and writing - English was one of my favourite subjects at school, and I find that just being able to sit down and write whatever I feel like so relaxing & therapeutic in a way! Especially being able to write about what I love - all things beauty & fashion related! Having said that, I'd love to make this blog more of an all-round glimpse into different aspects of my life - so not only doing outfit posts and reviewing beauty products, etc., but doing blog posts on University-related things, fitness, health, organisation...and just about things about my life in general. If you have any suggestions/requests for blog posts, please let me know as I'm completely new to this so I would love to know what you think!

So, here's to round 2 of trying to be a blogger...I have a feeling its going to stick this time though!

Kim <3


  1. So excited for the new posts! I've just started mine too but I love the design of your blog xx


  2. I've recently just started my blog as well! But I'm super excited to see your future posts! :)