Sunday, 29 April 2012

Let the addiction commence...

For a few months now, I've been going back in forth in my head over the idea of creating a blog. To me, the pros were that it was another way of feeding my addiction to the beauty and fashion world, as well as being another way to talk to you all. However, the main con that was always stopping me from blogging was, of course, the time factor. Being a 16 year old student, having a Youtube channel and participating in about a million extracurricular activities doesn't really leave much time for blogging.

I hadn't really put much thought into the whole blog thing for the past few months, but yesterday, I had a breakthrough. (Yes, this is kind of unnecessarily dramatic. But its funner this way :) ) I was talking about Harry Potter with my sister, when she remembered about a story I had written on Fan Fiction a few years ago. 4 years ago to be exact, and yes...I was 12. To be honest, my literary skills were probably much better back then than they are now!  Re-reading the story I had written made me remember how much I love writing, which of course, me being the extremist that I am, made me decide that I want to write a novel and become a writer. I know, I'm drastic. I quickly got bored of this idea, but luckily, another idea came into my head. A BLOG! Of course! It was the perfect solution to my craving for writing and an amazing form of procrastination from revising for my exams. Hallelujah. :)

So...if you're wondering what to expect from this blog, I'm kind of wondering the same thing. I'll probably be doing posts/reviews about my current favourite makeup products, current favourite fashion pieces, and probably just rambles about my life. I might even do a few health and fitness blog posts, but we'll see how it goes!

I'd really appreciate your comments on what blog posts you would like to see, so that I have an idea on what sort of things to write! Thank you so much for the support you guys always give me, I can't wait to start this new journey with you!

Until next time!

Kim <3